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Drowning is becoming to common in Florida among children! As of date, 60 have drown in Florida. FEMSA is asking that you please be aware at the beach and poolside. Assure doors are latched high so that young ones cannot get out to the pool unsupervised. Parents and Guardians; DO NOT become phone distracted! Children have drown with an adult nearby so focused on their phone that the child dies right behind them. Click here for Water Smart Ideas.  Water Smart

Children being left in cars is another issue. Being distracted by life or daily routines can lead to a tragedy. Look Before You Lock is so important. Visit Kids and Cars for more information: KidsandCars

Recent tragedies have occurred with certain facilities leaving a child in a transport van. FEMSA is taking action by offering education and a suggested check-sheet for all to use. Please click on our Education and Forms link download this form.